1. Trump leaves on AF1. Biden flies small private jet.
  2. Biden still hasn't flown on AF1 as of (3/7/2021).
  3. Cloudy day on the 20th, live inauguration bright and sunny. Shown in Europe 12 hours early live.
  4. Kamala living in some other house other than the VP residence.
  5. Bogus CGI extravagant fireworks display that never happened, clearly fake.
  6. Roy Blunt with his hands behind his back while being escorted out of the Capitol.
  7. Pelosi being told not to talk to anyone by some strange woman with a badge on the 20th.
  8. 30k troops for a non violent virtual inauguration. With 5k there in DC until mid march with still no violence.
  9. The White House going pitch black each night with a strange structure being built directly in front of it.
  10. Oval office that Biden is signing pretend orders in completely different from real one.
  11. No secret service snipers on the White House roof.
  12. No secret service call box on his Biden's desk.
  13. Biden locked out of the White House on the first day.
  14. Joe Biden's executive order signatures don't match his actual signature.
  15. A 2nd set of nuclear codes left with Trump on his way out.
  16. Hunter Biden to lead the DEA.
  17. Marines not saluting as he entered capitol
  18. Military not saluting motorcade / many had their backs to him
  19. Biden didn't get a 21 gun salute at his "inauguration." The media claims the Arlington National Cemetery did it, but that isn't a presidential 21 gun salute... they only fire 2 of 3 guns, instead of 3 of 4 and the pace is much slower. You can watch every gun salute going back to carter here. On that page you can see another video showing the unknown solider salute (which is what Arlington National Cemetery did).